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El Grupo de Fenomenología de Interacciones Fundamentales, es un Grupo de Investigación de la Universidad de Antioquia(external link) que enfoca su investigación en física más allá del modelo estándar (Espera a que LaTeX sea procesado..., i.e, $\cal{L}=i\bar{\psi}\gamma^\mu\partial_\mu\psi$)

Theories of Everything

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Mapped(external link)

Explore the deepest mysteries at the frontier of fundamental physics.
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Convocatoria doctorados nacionales Colciencias (abierta también a extranjeros)

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Está abierta la convocatoria 727 de Colciencias para adjudicar becas a los estudiantes de los doctorados en las cuales ustedes están matriculados. Como estudiantes ya matriculados, ustedes tienen derecho a postularse para la beca, siempre y cuando tengan un director de tesis que haya sido categorizado por Colciencias como Senior o Asociado.*

Los invito a revisar los términos de referencia de la convocatoria en el siguiente enlace:

http://www.colciencias.gov.co/convocatoria/convocatoria-doctorados-nacionales-2015(external link)

El 3 de noviembre hubo una reunión en Colciencias donde se dieron más detalles sobre la segunda fase de la convocatoria, en la cual se van a escoger a los beneficiarios. A continuación les transcribo la información más importante, para que ustedes la tengan en cuenta y tomen una decisión sobre si se postulan o no para la beca:
En GFIF tnemos dos senior (W. Ponce, D. Restrepo) y un asociado (O. Zapata).
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Real talk: Everything is made of fields

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Theorist Sean Carroll thinks it’s time you learned the truth: All of the particles you know—including the Higgs—are actually fields.

Symmetry magazine(external link)

YouTube Conference(external link)
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https://fisindico.uniandes.edu.co/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?ovw=True&confId=66(external link)

November 17 – 20, 2015, Bogotá, Colombia

The High Energy Physics Group of Universidad de los Andes is organizing the 4th version of the Uniandes Particle Physics School. The aim of the school has been to focus on the theoretical and experimental aspects of a topic that is of current interest in the field of particle physics. This year we will concentrate on The Physics Beyond the Standard Model, that is expected and could be explored during the second run of the LHC accelerator at CERN. After the discovery of the Higgs boson, and with p-p collisions providing a Center-of-Mass? energy of 13 TeV, a new kinematical region will be open for the continuing search for new physics. The new possibilities for the observation of the existence of supersymmetric matter, new space dimensions, or any other kind of exotic physics will be explored. The prospects for finding an answer to the dark matter problem will also be assess.


Theoretical and experimental lectures on:

  • SUSY
  • Extra Dimensions
  • Dark Matter
  • Exotica
  • LHC Experiments
  • HEP Software tools

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3th National Meeting on Heavy Flavors Physics

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- Standard Model and beyond
- CP violation
- Neutrino physics
- Hadron physics
- Experimental Heavy flavors
- Dark Matter
https://sites.google.com/site/encuentroquarkspesados2015/(external link)

Vacante Auxiliar Sala Cómputo Tiempo Completo

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Interesados: Contactar a Jorge Zuluaga o Diego Restrepo al 2195661 o enviar hoja de vida al correo electrónico:
Se requieren conocimientos en Linux. (Teléfono corregido)
DENOMINACIÓN: Auxiliar 4 Proceso Misional (Auxiliar Sala Cómputo)
SALARIO: $ 1.690.428

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Try git

Por: System Administrator  En: Vie 08 de Mayo, 2015 18:21 COT  (192 Lecturas)
Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?

Try this nice interactive tutorial with enhanced shell interface, file manager and github repository at: https://try.github.io(external link) powered by Code School(external link)
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How to synchronize an Overleaf LaTeX paper with a git repository

Por: System Administrator  En: Vie 17 de Abr, 2015 17:05 COT  (934 Lecturas)
Overleaf(external link) (writeLaTeX before) is an excellent online LaTeX editor. Even better that many specific desktop software. It works online in source or rich-text modes. Its popularity (#overleaf(external link)) is increasing, may be because some of the following features:
  • Integrated git server: To clone just change the www in the project URL by git.
  • Inline (in rich-text mode via MathJax) and parallel panel preview. Includes also inline preview for figures (no yet for tables)
  • Tab completion for commands, environments, refs, and cites.
  • Special comments with discussions for collaborative work in the rich-text mode, which are just normal LaTeX comments in source mode.
  • Integration with other online services like Zotero, Drobox, figshare, etc. Some requires Pro-accounts.
In this blog entry(external link) explain how to synchronize with another git repository, specifically for GitHub?, but also work the same with any other repository server.

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[W02] Nicolas Bernal: WIMP and SIMP Dark Matter from the Spontaneous Breaking of a Global Group

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Omar Andres Zapata Mesa: Complete ROOT — R interface

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From: CERN: 2014 Google Summer of Code students present their projects(external link)

Omar Zapata, a Computer Science student from Medellin, Colombia, worked on developing an interface between ROOT and R, a software framework for statistical computing. With his work it is now possible to use the very large set of statistical tools present in R inside ROOT and with data stored in ROOT objects. These tools which include some of the latest algorithms developed by the statistics and computing research community. Omar wrote classes which perform the translation from the ROOT objects to R objects in order to call R functions and to return the result to ROOT in order to visualize or store it. His work is available as a public, dedicated branch of ROOT in github; in the near future it will be migrated in the ROOT official report.

UPDATE: ROOT-R is now in the ofcial master of ROOT From Omar Zapata: include ROOT-R interface allowing to use R functions inside ROOT(external link).

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