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Acerca del Grupo

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Name: Grupo de Fenomenología de Interacciones Fundamentales
Código Colciencias: COL0008423

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El grupo centras sus investigaciones las áreas de fenomenología de física de partículas, astropartículas y cosmología, proponiendo y analizando modelos motivados por problemas fenomenológicos o teóricos del modelo estándar de las partículas elementales o de la parametrización Lambda-CDM (Materia oscura fría con constante cosmológica) del modelo del Big Bang de cosmología.

After the creation of the Master's program in physics Universidad de Antioquia, the identity of the Grupo de Fenomenología de Interacciones Fundamentalesbecame more solid as a research line in the master's program. A number of professors and undergraduates in the physics department entered the Master's program, got involved with the group, and authored master's theses in the subject of particle physics. Since then, the group has consolidated around this background, and in 1997 it has also established itself as a research line in the newly created Doctoral program in physics.

The excellence of the group has been acknowledged by the colombian science agency Colciencias(external link), which ranks the group in the topmost category of research groups in Colombia. In its history about 20 students have obtained the Master's degree within the group, of which a number have further pursued graduate study in prestigious universities all over the world.

Currently, the group has established solid cooperations with many other research groups in the world, specially CINVESTAV(external link)in Mexico, Universidad de Valencia(external link), and the Weizmann Institute in Israel(external link).


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