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Miembros de GFIF

William Ponce

Ph. D., Universityof Massachussets at Amherst, 1979. Professor of Physics.

The group was first established under professor's Ponce lead after his arrival from Amherst, and has been directed by him ever since. William Ponce has conducted research on the phenomenology of diverse extensions to the standard model. Currently he works on a systematic study of horizontal interactions, and connectionsof string theory with grand unified theories.

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Enrico Nardi

Ph. D., SISSA, 1991. Visiting Professor.

Enrico Nardi joined the group in 1996. His research interests are the study of the phenomenology of the standard model, specially relating to CP violation and constraints on new physics, and astroparticle physics. His current work is oriented toward study of rare B meson decays, and neutrino astrophysics and its involvement in the observed rotations and translations of pulsars.

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Daniel Jaramillo

Ph. D., Cinvestav (Mexico), 1997. Assistant Professor of physics.

Daniel Jaramillo joined the group in 1997. He plays an outstanding paper in the formation of undergraduate and graduate students in field theory and particle physics.
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Nelson Vanegas

Ph. D., Queen Mary and Westfield, 1997. Assistant Professor of physics.

Professor Vanegas joined the group in 1998. He has played a role strengthening the role of mathematical physics in the group, and has started a research line on string theory. He currently works on aspects of special Kähler manifolds in string theory.

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Huachuan Wu

Ph. D., Oregon State University, 1995. Professor of physics.

Professor Wu joined the group in 1996. His involvement in the group gives it a more interdisciplinary character, as his research area is in nuclear physics. He works on double charge exchange reactions and nuclear beta decay.
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Diego Restrepo

Ph.D. Universidad de Valencia, Spain, 2001

Professor Restrepo joined the group in 2002.
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Jesús M. Mira

Ph.D., Universidad de Antioquia, 2001.

Professor Mira joined the group in 2003.
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Antonio Enea Romano

Ph.D USA, 2007

Professor Romano joined the group in 2011.
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Oscar Zapata

Ph.D, Universidad de Antioquia, 2010

Professor Zapata joined the group in 2012
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Federico von der Pahlen

Ph.D., University of Würzburg in 2006

Professor von der Pahlen Joined the group in 2014
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