• July 29: The Standard Model, the Higgs Boson, and the problem of EWSB PDF, Video
  • July 31: The rise and fall of Technicolor PDF, Video
  • August 5: Supersymmetry as a model of EWSB (Lectured by E. Nardi) PDF
  • August 12: Extra Dimensions: Flat, Warped, and Deconstructed PDF, Video
  • August 14: The EWSB connection to Cosmic Dark Matter PDF, Video
  • August 19: EWSB Models at the LHC PDF, Video
These lectures were recorded the past month of June during the 2008 LNF Spring Institute, that was held in the Frascati National Laboratories (Rome). Professor M. Peskin kindly consented to reproduce his lectures in the Physics Institute of the University of Antioquia.
The third lecture on Supersymmetry (August 5) was not recorded properly, and will be presented by Prof. E. Nardi relying on Prof. Peskin slides.

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